Happy belated Thanksgiving! I took last week off to spend time with my family. They drove 12 hours to see Marek and me. I am blessed that I was able to spend time with them and was able to snuggle my nephew. We did lots of hiking and just relaxing. It was nice but now it is back to reality!

This was the first time I have ever hosted a holiday at my house. The day before they came my husband, Marek, and I spent hours cleaning and decorating. I kept having a nightmare that the turkey wouldn’t be defrosted. So, on Saturday we made sure our 16-pound turkey made it into the refrigerator to defrost.

Here is the menu we planned:

  1. Turkey
  2. Cranberry sauce
  3. Mashed Potatoes
  4. Green Beans
  5. Sweet potato casserole (made by my sister)
  6. Stuffing (made by my mom)
  7. Gravy
  8. Butternut squash soup (made by my sister, my uncles’ recipe)
  9. Crescent rolls
  10. Pumpkin Rolls

The night before Marek and I sat down and made a schedule for when things needed to be cooked in order to meet our 3pm eating time. My husband’s military training and scheduling came in hand when trying to figure this all out. Everyone had an assigned time when they were supposed to be in the kitchen to make their item. Marek and my brother-in-law brined and prepped the turkey the night before and I felt calm.

The morning of Thanksgiving I got up bright and early. I chugged two cups of coffee and by 10:30AM I was stressed. At 10:31AM my husband handed me a White Claw which helped.

Speaking of my husband, I have to give him a major shoutout! He did the majority of the cooking, while trying to keep me calm. I was his sous chef and did whatever he needed me to do. Marek and I are definitely a team and I have to say it showed on Thanksgiving. At 3PM the only thing left to do was bake the crescent rolls (which was my job).

I pulled the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls tube out the fridge and opened it up and realized I bought the wrong thing. Instead of individual rolls I bought a flat sheet of crescent roll. Before I could panic my brother-in-law jumped in and started cutting and making the dough into crescent shapes. We sat down to eat at 3:30PM. I have to say we did pretty good as far as our time goal went and the food was amazing.

After eating my family offered to clean the kitchen for us so we could relax for a little before baking dessert.  We had quite the dessert menu. I had bought an apple pie and ice cream. Marek was going to bake a fat free carrot cake for my nephew, and I was going to attempt a pumpkin pie.

Two years ago for Thanksgiving I attempted to bake a pumpkin pie, but it failed. The filling did not turn out good. I wanted to buy a pumpkin pie this year but Marek insisted I try again and bake one. So, I did. I made the filling and it turned out perfect. I was about to pour it into the crust when my crust decided to break. I had moved it ever so gently, but it crumbled. My mom came over and told me that graham cracker crust was very forgiving, and she helped me piece the crust somewhat back together. I poured the filling in but kept my expectations low. However, 45 minutes later I pulled out a pretty good-looking pie but more importantly it tasted good.

Overall, hosting Thanksgiving wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be, but it was definitely exhausting. I look forward to hosting future holidays and events in our home for years to come.

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