Happy November friends! I can’t actually believe it is November….October went by way too fast! However, there are lots of exciting things happening this month! First of all my family is coming from Florida to Maryland to spend Thanksgiving with Marek and I. I have not seen them since July and have been missing them so much.

I also get to host Thanksgiving this year. Am I nervous? Yes. Am I excited? Of course. Will there be a blog post about my first time hosting? You bet!

Throwback photo of my family from January 2020. I can’t believe how tiny my nephew was!!!

Also another exciting this month is that I am starting to take orders for Holiday cards starting this Friday (November 6th, 2020). I have never done this before by excited to spread some Holiday cheer especially during these uncertain times.

You have two options. I can create a custom design for you or you can pick from four designs that I have already created.

If you want to choose from one of the designs it will be $10. I will send you a digital file of your card and you can get them printed.

Option #1. Shoutout to my awesome husband for being the model on some of these cards.

I will just need pictures from you and what you want the card to say. We can defintely change the fonts and colors on these cards and some basic elements. If you want one of these designs you will need to order by December 4th.

Option #2. Also shoutout to sister, brother-in-law and nephew for also modeling for some of these cards!

If you would like me to custom design a card for you it will be $15. I will send you a digital file of your card and you can get them printed. We would set up atime to chat briefly about what you want your card to look like. Again I would need you to send me any pictures you want to include and what you would like the card to say.

Option #3.

If you would like a custom design you will need to place your order by November 30th. You would get your digital copy by December 4th.

Option #4. My nephew is literally the cutest.

That’s pretty much it! Please be patient with me as I try and navaigate this for the first time. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at cpilarski190@gmail.com

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful holiday season!!

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