In December of 2014, I was back home from Christmas visiting my family. A couple weeks prior I had created a Catholic Match account. One of my friends had suggested it as a way to meet someone. I was hesitant at first but did it anyways. I signed up for the free account. I matched with a couple of guys but none of them messaged me back. However, one night a couple of days before Christmas a guy (we will call him Guy A) messaged me. I was so excited but then realized I would have to pay for an account or wait 7 days to open his message for free. I did not want to wait so I begged my mom for an early Christmas gift and much to my surprise she agreed.

Guy A and I messaged back and forth for about two weeks. We had some things in common when it came to books and hobbies. He lived about 3 hours away from me. At the time a long-distance relationship wasn’t something I was really looking for. I was still in college and didn’t want to have to balance the stress that came along with that type of relationship. Guy A eventually asked me out on a Skype date.

Let me just say first dates are awkward enough but then you make it a first date via Skype, and it is super awkward. I agreed to it because I was lonely at college. It was an incredibly awkward date, but he was nice. However, we both agreed that a long-distance relationship was not something we both were super interested in.

After Guy A, I messaged several other guys that I “matched” with. Some of these guys responded and others would respond or ghost me. I was getting really discouraged so I took a break. I left my profile up but didn’t actively message people.

Fast-forward to April of 2015. I am dealing with the stress of finals and graduation, when Guy B messaged me. He lived locally and we had some things in common. We both had moved around a lot as kids and both loved St. Augustine. We messaged again for about two weeks. Week three was slowly approaching and he still had not asked me out. I kind of assumed that he wasn’t interested. He messaged me a day later and asked me out for coffee.

I agreed and met him for coffee about a week later. He was pretty shy and super awkward. The date was good, and I went on three more dates with him. After that last date I realized we didn’t have much of a connection and saw him more of a friend. I think he felt the same way because I didn’t hear from him after that last date.

Little did I know that 2 years later I would meet my husband!

I graduated college and was starting to feel really discouraged. Most of my friends had met their significant others in college and mine was still out there somewhere. I decided to de-activate my account. At this point I felt like online dating was pointless. No one ever messaged me back. I decided to concentrate on finding a job and figured love would follow.

However, as I already mentioned finding a job was not easy and I still had not found love. I was feeling incredibly lonely and frustrated at God. So, I began praying to him. I first prayed to him for guidance about a job. He answered my prayer in June of 2016. I was overjoyed and thankful. I also just assumed that love would follow immediately after that. I was wrong. I still had lessons to learn (patience).

So, I began praying to God again. This time I prayed for my future husband. It was tempting to just ask God to put him in my life immediately, but I didn’t. I just prayed for God to send me a man who would love me for me and not lead me on.

In January of 2017 I felt called to reactive my Catholic Match profile. So, I did. I actually filled my profile out and began messaging guys who I “matched” with. I didn’t go out with any of those guys, but I was building my confidence up.

Which leads us to March of 2017. I came across a profile of a guy who I had not “matched” with. In the past I would have skipped over him, but his profile intrigued me. Guy C had grown up in a family like mine. He loved coffee and talk about his faith in such a beautiful way. So, I decided to do something out of character and message him. And about an hour later he messaged me back. We messaged back and forth for like 2 days. On day 3 he asked me out.

I was shocked. In my experience with online dating a guy never asked me out that quickly. So naturally I panicked and did not respond to him for a whole day.

Luckily Guy C was a very patient guy from the very start. I agreed to meet him for coffee the following week.

Always being patient while I take a million pictures.
One of our first dates!

The day of the date I wanted to chicken out, but my co-worker/one of my best friends gently pushed me into my car and told me to go.

And I did. I had a great time with Guy C. We bonded over our mutual love of coffee and the Piano Guys. The date was wrapping up and I did something I had never done before. I looked at Guy C and said, “I had a really good time and I would really like to see you again.” Again, this was totally out of character for me and in my head, I thought “well he isn’t going to ask me out again.” He said, “Me too.” He walked me to my car and gave me a hug.

The following day Guy C called me and left me voicemail telling me what a good time he had and asking me out to dinner. I have probably played that voicemail a million times, because Guy C turned out to be my now husband.

Online dating definitely had its highs and lows. There were many times I thought it was pointless. In fact, if things had not work out with Marek, I was going to cancel my account completely.

If online dating is something you have been thinking about, I say go for it. If anything, it will help build your confidence, but it just might surprise you and bring you the greatest joy and love in your life.

June 27th, 2020 – the day I married my best friend

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