The summer before the start of my junior year of college I was working at a summer camp as the Arts and Crafts Director. I had been working at this camp since I was sixteen. We had a new camp director. He was awesome and had a background in social media marketing for non-profits. In my interview I told him what I was going to school for. He asked me if I was considering working for a non-profit. I told him, no.

I have grown up in the non-profit world. My dad is a CEO of a non-profit, so I knew what kind of work ethic you needed to have to work for one.

However, at the end of the summer the camp director told me if I was interested in a social media internship with the camp to let him know. I thought about it and realized that I was growing tired of radio and that helping people had always been a passion of mine. In high school and college, I was constantly volunteering for different organizations and I always found great joy in giving back to my community.

I took the internship and learned so much. By the end of my junior year, I had a new dream in mind. I wanted to work for a non-profit. I graduated college in May of 2015 and started applying for jobs in the non-profit sector. However, I never heard back from most of the jobs. So, I took a full-time job at a bakery as a waitress.

Graduation 2015

I had a love/hate relationship with that job. I loved that the end of the day I got to take home pastries and baguettes, but I hated the waking up at 4AM. I loved my regular customers but hated when we were understaffed, and I was the only one working.

Bakery job!

However, that job taught me a lot about hard-work, and I am grateful for that time in my life. While I worked there, I continued to apply for jobs and go on interviews. I also continued to get rejection letters.

I really struggled during this period of my life. I began to wonder if non-profit was what I really wanted to do. I was so confused to what God was calling me to do that I even applied for a job at a radio station (which I didn’t get either).

In December of 2015, I quit my job at the bakery. It was becoming to much since we were constantly understaffed, and I never had any free time. I began looking for jobs again and found an unpaid internship at a non-profit. I applied for it. It was unpaid but at least I would get some experience.

A couple of hours later they called me and wanted me to come in for an interview. I went in three days later and they offered me the internship right after the interview. I was so excited. I decided to move back in with my parents and try to find a part-time job.

I applied for a job as a hostess at a local BBQ restaurant. I explained my situation to the manager, and he hired me right on the spot. I finally felt like things were falling into place.

This period of time was crazy. I would work my internship from 10AM-3PM and then drive straight to hostess job and usually get home around 10-11PM.

My internship helped me discover that non-profit was what I wanted to pursue. I helped market, plan and manage volunteers for a large event that was held in May of 2016. I loved being with volunteers and networking and explaining to people why they should give or volunteer.

My internship quickly came to an end. I started applying and getting rejected from jobs again. One day my mom sent me the link to a job in town that I was qualified for. It was a development job at a domestic violence/sexual assault center. I looked at her and told her there was no way a place like that would hire me. She thought that they might so to prove her wrong I applied for the job….and I got it.

I quit my job at the BBQ restaurant and began working full-time. I instantly fell in love and passionate with the mission of the organization and worked there for 4 years. Everyday I am thankful for my mom pushing me to apply for that job and for my dad giving me advice.

First day of work!

At the of 2019 I knew that a new adventure was on the horizon for me. I had gotten engaged and was getting married in June 2020. I knew shortly after that I would be moving to Maryland. I began to feel like God was calling me to new a passion. One he was calling to me for awhile, but I was too nervous to act on but finally did in July 2020.

Ready to start a new adventure with the love of my life!

Tune in next week for the final chapter (for now anyways) about how I have found passion in joy in starting Content and Coffee.

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