I love food! However, I haven’t always liked cooking. I have always loved baking but cooking a meal never truly appealed to me. I never truly had to start cooking until I got married. In college I lived on campus for three years and had a meal plan. My last year of college I lived in a townhouse and I barely cooked. I either bought takeout (super unhealthy) or ate over at friends’ houses. After college I moved back in with my parents and my mom cooked dinner most of the time. I made my own breakfast (favorite meal of the day) and lunch but dinner was always my mom.

It’s not that I didn’t know how to cook. I did. I just didn’t like it. However, as my wedding quickly approached, I realized that I needed to try and get excited about cooking. My husband is a great cook by the way. He makes a killer chicken piccata. We often take turns cooking during the week. When we were dating we would often cook on Skype together the same thing. Those dates were fun but also really stressful for me.

So, while he was deployed I started a “What’s for Dinner” board on Pinterest. I started pinning yummy but simple meals that I wanted to try cooking. I received a crockpot and air fryer at my bridal shower, so I started looking up recipes for those too.

Side note I highly recommend getting an air fryer. It is seriously amazing! I use it at least once a week.

Spicy Avocado Grilled Cheese that I made in the air fryer….soooo good

While we were still living in South Florida I stuck to super basic meals because we were trying to pack up our house and that included the kitchen. We have a beautiful kitchen here in Maryland and so that is where I decided to get more creative and have found joy in cooking.

I remember the first meal I cooked in our kitchen. It was a bacon, brussels sprout, pesto pasta (I shared the link on my Facebook but will link it here too). It was so good. Marek and I both went back for seconds. I had so much fun making it that I wanted to continue to try new things that I normally would not attempt. Some of my other favorites from this month include crack chicken chili, air fryer pork chops and mushroom stroganoff.

I get excited when its time to cook. I love being able to serve my family and can’t wait till I can host dinner parties for our friends and families. If you had told 24-year-old Caitlin that she loved cooking she would have laughed. But 27-year-old Caitlin loves it!

So, I want to know what is your favorite recipe right now? Share below in the comments and I will definitely try it out!  

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