This week I want to focus on gratitude. About a week ago I bought a gratitude journal from Target. I have purchased these types of journals in the past but never knew what to really write. This one actually has prompts that help you reflect on your day and realize all that you have grateful for. I have found it has been hard to focus on the good in this time of uncertainty but writing in this journal for the last week has really changed my perspective. I have found that I find joy in the little things like going grocery shopping with my husband. This week I want to share with you 5 things that I am grateful for this week.

Journal from Target

The first thing I am grateful is my husband. This seems kind of like an obvious one but this past month he has been the most supportive and patient husband in the world. I mean the man build like 5 different pieces of Ikea furniture which included my desk and coffee bar. He also has been so supportive and encouraging when it comes to my business and blog. He also made the bed the other day. And finally, he has made the move and transition to Maryland so easy.

Best husband ever

The second thing I am grateful for are my plants. This weekend we went to Home Depot and got some beautiful plants. I am typically a fake plant type of girl but I wanted to get some real ones. Whenever I look at or pass them, they brighten and bring a little bit of joy to my day. Their vibrant colors inspire me when I am feeling stuck on a design or blog post.

My plants

The third thing I am grateful for is being able to celebrate my nephew’s birthday via Zoom. Last week my sweet nephew, Jude Riley, turned one. Even though we celebrated before the move I was still a little sad that I was not able to celebrate with him. My sister arranged a Zoom birthday party for him and I was able to see him and a bunch of other family. And yesterday I got to Facetime my Nana and give her a tour of our townhouse which was so much fun!  I am grateful for technology because I have been missing my family and love being able to connect with them.

Love being able to connect with family

The fourth thing I am grateful for is working out every morning. Up until the move I had been working out 6 days a week. Once we moved I kind of fell off the wagon. However, this week I have been forcing myself to get up at 7AM to workout. I auto set our coffee maker for 8AM that way the coffee is ready after my workout. It’s great motivation lol I felt some much better getting back into this routine. I have found that I tend to approach the day with a more positive attitude when I work out first thing in the morning.

And finally, I am grateful for all my clients and those who have been supporting my blog/business so far. I was very nervous to start all of this because I thought I was going to fail. But thanks to all our support and encouraging words I currently have 3 clients. My goal was take on at least 5 clients by September! I am grateful that I get to use my passion everyday to help others and I love that I have gotten back into writing. It something I have missed and have not gotten to do much of since graduating college.

So enough about me….I want to know what you are grateful for this week?


  1. So excited for you!!! I can’t wait to chat with you next week and hopefully get a tour of the new place as well!! 😉
    And yes girl on getting in those workouts!! 👏🏻

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