About two weeks ago we moved to Maryland and what an adventure it was! We are settling in nicely and most of our stuff is unpacked. I am currently sitting on our beautiful deck sipping my coffee as I write this post. We live in a beautiful neighborhood full of walking and hiking trails. In fact, we are going to try and go for a hike this weekend! But let’s start from the beginning of this journey.

My new favorite place to write and drink coffee

About three weeks ago we were still living in South Florida and rushing around to clean and pack up our townhouse. We decided to do the move ourselves. Early that Monday morning our moving POD was dropped off. After spending the weekend packing the rest of our stuff, we just had to pack everything into the moving POD. Thankfully a couple of friends came and helped us load everything. It took about 3ish hours, but it was a huge relief once it was done. Naturally about halfway through I was worried that not everything was going to fit but my husband reassured me as I stress ate chocolate in the kitchen.

And so the adventure begins!

The next three days consisted of cleaning and sleeping on an air mattress. The POD was picked up on Wednesday and my car was picked on Thursday (we shipped my car). On Friday we woke up at 4AM and packed the reminder of our stuff into the car and said goodbye to South Florida.

By noon we were up in Jacksonville where my family lives. We decided to spend the weekend there and celebrate our nephew’s first birthday (its his actual birthday as I am writing this post so Happy Birthday Jude!) We had a wonderful weekend but the time to say goodbye to my family came quickly.

Not going to lie but I cried…..a lot. I have always lived super close to my family. When I went to college, I was only like 1 hour away. I was sad but exited and thankful for all the technology that can help me keep in touch with them.

At 5:15AM on Sunday morning we said goodbye to Florida and started our journey to Maryland. Fast forward to 8:15PM we finally made it to our townhouse where we would start the next chapter together. We were so excited to go in and see the place we have looked at on a screen for the last two months but naturally I made us take a picture first. It was some advice I received from a fellow military wife to help me remember all the places we had lived.

After running around exploring the house it was time to finally get some rest.

Outside our new townhouse in Maryland!

Fast forward to that Thursday. Our moving POD showed up and it was time to unpack everything. Again, we had friends who came and helped us. Marek and I are so grateful for all the help we have received from our friends.

The last couple of days have consisted of unpacking, hanging wall art and assembling Ikea furniture. And about two days ago we completed something I have always dreamed of…..my own coffee bar. I have literally wanted one of these for so long. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it. It is probably my favorite part of the house and I can’t wait to have friends over for coffee dates once the virus calms down.

My coffee bar!

I can’t wait to explore more and see all that Maryland has to offer but right now I am going to finish building my desk so I can set up my office!

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